Vesterbro Torv, February 2008
Don't get this wrong now, I like Copenhagen,
I think it's a genuinely
nice capital. Copenhagen has a very international atmosphere. However,
for me in the past two years Copenhagen has been pretty much reduced to
three places: my lab at KVL in Frederiksberg, the central station and my
room at Vesterbrogade 39. Since I have my family back in Sweden, I've
been commuting every week and my stays in Copenhagen have consisted of
work and not much else. However, having the room at Vesterbrogade has
been extremely convenient. All the other tenants have been very nice and
each of them has been interesting in their own way. The atmosphere has
been overly international; during my stay I've shared the apartment with
people from Denmark, Norway, France Lithuania, Poland, Vietnam, Austria,
Malawi, Switzerland and the USA. In other words, it's never been boring.

What can I say about the Danes? Well, coming from the neighbouring
nation, the Danes are not very exotic to me. In general, Danes are easy
going and it's usually no problems getting by in daily life in English.

There are many tourist attractions in and around Copenhagen, but if I
would have to recommend just one it would be the Louisiana museum of
modern art. If you have even the slightest interest in art and culture,
you should take the opportunity to go there. The museum is situated in
an exceptionally beautiful location right next to the sea and it
features an outstanding permanent exhibition as well as many interesting
temporary exhibitions. Just take the train to Humlebaeck and follow the

Mats Andersson, 30, Sweden
Biochemist/plant scientist

Living in Copenhagen nicely joins the advantages of living in a
relatively small city, with the advantages of living in the
cosmopolitan capital of a country. Unlike many other capitals, the
pace of life in Copenhagen is relatively slow, and people seem to be
more relaxed. I also like the fact, that many people are using bikes
to travel around, and the city takes care of the cyclists. However, I
think Copenhagen could be kept a bit more tidy.

Even thought most of the danes are real party-animals, they seem to be
quite reserved during the first meetings, and so far I have noticed,
that it takes quite a lot of time to earn a dane's trust. On the other
hand, danes are the masters of introducing a friendly, laid-back
atmosphere at the work place, and I also appreciate the fact that the
hierarchy of the employees at the work place is relatively flat.

The most striking feature of this city is surely the number of the
bikes in the streets. It is also suprising to see, how the city centre
changes on the weekend evenings, when the streets are full of people
having fun together.

I will tell my friends, that it is a really remarkable and unforgettable
experience to get acquaint with this city, to feel its soul.
Copenhagen is a way different from the other European capitals, and I
would advice everybody to try staying here for a bit longer than
typical trips last.

Marek Krzysztof Misztal, 25
I come from Konskie, Poland
I am a Ph.D. student at the Danish University of Technology (DTU)
I am going to finish my studies in October 2010, I am not sure yet, if I am going to come back to Poland.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city. It's very easy to go around using bus or
train to see all the beautiful sight seens. But if you are going to stay
here a long time to work or study, it's a very good idea to have a bike.
It's very useful!

Danish people are very nice, helpful and "thankful" (they have a lot of
different ways to say "thanks", hehehe).

I had never seen so many people using bikes like here in Copenhagen.

I will tell my friends and family that, besides the weather, Copenhagen is a very beautiful city and they must come here one day.

What else shoul I say? For me Copenhagen is a big
city that looks like a small city - very quite, safe and paceful. A
city where culture and nature is all over with a lot of museums and
very beautiful parks. However, the weather is not so nice with a lot
of windy and gray days (at least during winter time - unfortunately I
am not going to be here during spring and summer).

Adriana Barreto Alves - 29 years - Brazil - food engineer/food science